Thursday, 1 December 2016

Spate of Vandalism Incidents Reported at Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve

By Sarah Featley
Bird hides at Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve, located in the Great Ouse Valley near Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, have been subject to a spate of vandalism.
Although the area was only officially opened by The Parks Trust in August this year, since that time there has been a near continual stream of vandalism to the site.
This has included breaking the locks to the hides, smearing excrement around the hides, kicking the floor out to create large holes, damaging the shutters and guttering, and shelves being pulled off the walls.
Unfortunately, the vandalism has now culminated in the walls of one of the bird hides being used for air rifle target practice, with obscene graffiti scrawled on the benches.
The Parks Trust is working closely with Thames Valley Police to identify those responsible for this vandalism. CCTV cameras have also been installed in the area.
Rob Riekie, Landscape and Operations Director for The Parks Trust, commented: “It is incredibly frustrating to have the bird hides damaged so recklessly so soon after they were opened, particularly when we have had some very positive feedback from genuine users of the site.
“We are concerned that if firearms are being used, the temptation may be to target the many birds, livestock and other animals that are in the area.
“Examining the pattern of the damage seems to suggest it is being caused by people entering from the Haversham Road car park side of the reserve. We ask that other users of the nature reserve, and nearby residents, remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to either ourselves or Thames Valley Police.”

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Chief Executive of The Parks Trust Speaks at Parliament’s Communities and Local Government Committee

By Sarah Featley
David Foster, Chief Executive of The Parks Trust, the self-funding charity that cares for Milton Keynes’ green spaces, gave evidence in Parliament to the Communities and Local Government Committee’s public parks inquiry.
This was the latest oral evidence session held by the Committee as it examines the impact of reduced local authority budgets on open spaces and considers concerns that the existence of public parks is under threat.
David was joined by Mark Walton, Director of Shared Assets and Alan Carter, Director of Portfolio Management for the Land Trust. Together, they gave their views on how to enhance and protect public parks, including alternative funding sources, and the benefits and challenges of different land management arrangements.
David commented: “It was a real privilege to be asked to give evidence to the Committee, and I believe it was a successful session where I was able to put across the advantages of a model like The Parks Trust, and the positive impact this has had on Milton Keynes as a place to live and work.
“Unfortunately, there are many other places in the UK where green space is not such a priority and public parks are in crisis. It’s therefore vital for the government to consider whether there are alternative options available for the management of parks that may be more successful.
“We believe that charitable trusts similar to The Parks Trust could work very well in other towns and cities. With vision, drive, cross party support, central government encouragement and a bit of central government money to oil the wheels, local authorities could establish successful parks trusts that could halt the decline in our wonderful urban parks. If local authorities could set our parks free, allow local people to have a big hand in how they are run and welcome others in to contribute, what a wonderful thing that would be!”

The session with David Foster begins at 10.36.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Newsletter w/c 27th November

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TUESDAY November 29th, 7pm - LIFESTYLEMK with Audrey & Gill - Money matters

Is housing really "affordable", do you really need insurance if you're going self-employed, and how much does a trip to the vet really cost.  You may be earning, but you seem to be spending just as quickly.  Tune in at 7pm as we talk about the financial side of adulting!

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Another edition of new releases of CDs and films.  There’s music from TV for Planet Earth II and films like I am Bolt, Hacksaw Ridge, A Street Cat named Bob and Don’t Think Twice.  There are numbers from the past and also about pilots and fliers, because one of the new films is Sully about the pilot who safely landed his plane on the Hudson River in New York.  Happy landings!!
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THURSDAY December 1st - Transition 3 - 4pm 

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

50th Anniversary restoration of 100 Million Years BC

by Tremayne Miller


Warning: the synopses can contain 'spoilers,’ therefore, please don’t read on if you wish the plots to remain a mystery!

STARRING RAQUEL WELCH (Legally Blonde, Bedazzled, The Three Musketeers) JOHN RICHARDSON (She, The 39 Steps) MARTINE BESWICK (From Russia With Love, Thunderball)

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. is a prehistoric adventure.
Akhoba, Chief of The Rock Tribe and his hunting party pass through volcanic wasteland.  Accompanying him are his sons,
Tumak and Sakana.

A wild boar falls into a trap, and Tumak claims its tusk as his reward after killing it.
The tribe feast on the roasted boar, and dominant member of the tribe feast on the animal.
Akhobas after devouring Tumak's meat has a fight with him.
Tamak falls from a cliff, at the same time Sakana makes a play for his wife, Nupondi,.
However, a bush is to cushion Tumak's descent, and as he comes to, he sets off on a journey after having been outcast by his family.
As he ventures further into the desert Tumak sees huge animal imprints belonging to a brontosaur and giant tarantula.
Bewildered he does stumble on, despite being deprived of food and drink. He makes it as far as a beach, then collapses.
The Shell Tribe women fish on this beach with spears. One of them, Loana, sees him and goes to his aide.
At which point a giant turtle appears, with the view to kill but The Shell people manage to steer it back into the sea.
The Shell tribe take Tamak back to their village where Loana nurses him back to health, so peaceful are they having learnt to pull together, and work on first principles in art and agriculture.

The film provided the world with ‘the most iconic bikini shot of all time’, which made the fur-clad Raquel Welch a star overnight.

A tale of man’s survival at the start of civilisation, where conflicting tribes - the Rock People and the Shell People combat ginormous prehistoric monsters, as well as each other, at the same time the earth continues to rise and produce bubbles of gas still in its volcanic form.

This the 100th production from Hammer was their biggest success, and the silverscreen's most notable dinosaur epic up until the release of Jurassic Park 26 years on thanks to its “stopmotion dinosaur animation” by special effects animator, Ray Harryhausen.

The 50th Anniversary special 4k restoration includes the following special features: interviews with Raquel Welch and Martine Beswick (two-time Bond girl), and the original artwork of Ray Harryhausen, as well as never-seen-before storyboards given to Studiocanal by The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation.

Extras will include: Special Features • New Interview with Raquel Welch • New Interview with Martine Beswick • Exclusive Ray Harryhausen stills, storyboard and artwork • Production stills gallery Blu-ray Tech Specs: TBC / DVD Tech Specs

The film was released on Doubleplay DVD & Blu-ray on October 24th by Studiocanal. 

© Writer Tremayne Miller

Tremayne Miller is a guest reviewer on LifestyleMK, Tuesdays 7pm.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Newsletter w/c November 20th

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It's still "Movember" but how easy is it to get you guys to go for a check up?  This week's show looks at Men's Health and why men don't seem to talk (is it because we don't let them, ladies?), and gives you tips to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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TUESDAY November 22nd, 10pm - "SOUNDTRACKS” with TONY CARTY  - BERLIN

Music for a city. We’ve got music for spies and agents; there are cabaret songs, waltzes, a rejected piece, music for an angel and from a blue one.  Come in from the cold.

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Secklow Sounds at the Community Action:MK Employee Volunteer Awards

It was wonderful to celebrate Corporate Social Responsibilty with the Community Action:MK Employee Volunteer Awards

The event was hosted by Metro Bank, and Community Action:MK awarded the wonderful companies who have been involved in exciting community development projects this year.  David Hopkins, Deputy Mayor presented the certificates, and Secklow Sounds was delighted to speak with him, the hosts and the wonderful volunteers.

Community Action:MK links up businesses wanting to contribute to their community and project manages their volunteering.  It is an inspiring way of bringing the town together, as well as seeing the best within your own team!

Catherine Rose (Classics from Scratch) and Stephen Whitton (Everyday People) captured the excitement with interviews which will be broadcast soon, and Audrey Tang (Lifestyle MK) presents the video.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

TriForce Short Film Festival launched November 9th!

by Tremayne Miller

The TriForce Short Film Festival (TFSFF) line up took place at the bfi, Stephen Street on November 9th.

Opening the festival was After The Storm, the directorial debut by Jessica Oyelowo.
‘A Short film about when you’re caught in the push and pull of love.’
The film’s actual working title was “Love”,” and although a short film, it doth hold a full story within it, where life is negotiated after tragedy has struck. A storm of life, whereupon strength and courage is tested in order to maintain an excellence, whether it be in a parent, son or wife.
After The Storm, which was  inspired by current social events stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond The Lights, 2014) and Chik√© Okonkwo (The Birth Of A Nation, 2016), alongside newcomer Caleb Oyelowo,  the director’s son,.
It is shot by Cinematographer,Sam Sullivant whose extensive experience in production is evident.

 ‘Every good film has a distinct point of view. This perspective is entrusted into the hands of the director of photography. Each lens, film stock, digital sensor, studio light, and camera movement forms the subconsciousness baseline from which a viewer perceives the emotions of a filmmaker’s story’ – Sam Sullivant.

I love his use of sped-up photography on the mother, in contrast to the stillness around the father, who appears in “real time.”
An animosity visible surrounds what are lining shots, the most notable of all being the clouds, a mixture of a thundery bluey-grey, placed against those you would catch at the peak of summer.

A philosophical sum-up of the film might be where hearts bleed, so do they continue to love, until there’s nothing left to give.

A promising debut from Jessica Oyelowo, and I look forward to discovering any future creations she makes.
All shortlisted films for The TriForce Short Film Festival 2016 are as follows:

·I Believe In Pink
·The Good Son
·Foot In Mouth
·Lucky Chicken
·Ferguson, Missouri
·Living With Monkey
·Huey & Louis
·Take The Chocolate
·Hall Of Mirrors
·The Night Shift
·Lil’ Benny
·The Dead Sea
·Harriet and the Matches
“the TriForce Creative Network and all they do is about partners and relationships, working together, discovering mutual ambitions and figuring out how to make it happen.”

The TriForce Film Festival takes place December 3rd at BAFTA.
For more information on the festival and to buy tickets go to

Writer c. Tremayne Miller
Tremayne podcasts for LifestyleMK, Tuesdays 7pm