Thursday, 14 April 2011

Secklow Sounds Reveals Corporate Branding

Official branding for Secklow Sounds
Secklow Sounds, the new community radio station planned for Milton Keynes, has today revealed its official logo and will be embarking on a number of initiatives to establish the brand.  Their website will soon be online and will contain sample programmes and opportunities for the public to register for updates, volunteer, and listen to music until the official launch. In the meantime, you can contact Secklow Sounds as follows:

Phone: 07711 877182

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Secklow Sounds lays out its foundations

As part of its business planning and strategy development, Secklow Sounds has today set out its guiding principles and key objectives. Due to launch later this year and with a mandate to entertain and inform, the station has branded itself as "Your Listening Station" because listening is at the heart of its engagement policy. Its core strategic objectives includes;
  1. To engage in public consultations with the community and to educate, inform, and promote understanding.
  2. To ensure that our programmes are relevant, topical, and balanced.
  3. To train and support volunteers to run Secklow Sounds
  4. To seek ethical advertising and funding to support the development of Secklow Sounds as a sustainable organisation.
The station will be built on the following guiding principles;
    Excellence – delivery of radio content to the highest quality and ethical standards.
    Customer Focussed – Consulting and responding to the views of the community and our partners.
    Cohesion – Promoting social cohesion and understanding

    According to Station Director, Mike Johnson, the service that Secklow Sounds offers will fall broadly into three areas;

    1. Provide professionally produced radio programmes that are entertaining, informative, and relevant to the local community.

    2. Be a platform for companies to advertise their goods and services.

    3. Fulfil its Public Service Broadcast remit by allowing local councils and authorities to engage with the public in a unique way.

    Contact Secklow Sounds

    Phone: 07711 877182

    Thursday, 27 January 2011

    New Community Radio Station set for Milton Keynes

    Plans are being drawn up for a new independent community radio station in Milton Keynes and it has received support from Campbell Park Parish Council. Listeners to Secklow Sounds will be able to access the station on the FM frequency twice per year and the rest of the time on the internet. The station has been established as a Community Interest Company and will be responsible for generating income through grants, advertising, and sponsorship to supports its operation.

    Station Director, Mike Johnson, pictured, said: “Residents will be able to create programmes that are relevant to their neighbourhoods and it will provide a springboard for people of all ages who want to develop new media skills – skills perhaps leading to new careers for some.”

    “Secklow Sounds is being created to engage the rich diversity of people within the city,” said Mike Johnson. “Programmes will be informative and entertaining; a varying mix of music, competitions, talent events, chat shows and stories which are local and relevant.”

    “Our ambition is that the people of the city, who originate from all over the world, will be producing an unrivalled variety of lively and informative programmes celebrating their cultures, music, food, and traditions in support of our coverage on health, business, faith, and the arts.”

    As part of the station’s public service remit, Milton Keynes Council, local town and parish councils and other statutory bodies within Milton Keynes will be able to utilise the station to engage the public in a unique way.

    The search has already begun for volunteers – from researchers, presenters and producers to audio, video, website management and admin – to help bring the station online and maintain a professional standard of broadcast.  Anyone with ideas to contribute, or wanting to volunteer, can email or call 07711 877182.